Relay For Life

Hello my darlings. Today I am going to tell you about an amazing place i have found. The RFL clothing fair. This is the starting point I used, sorry It's not #1 but take your time wander the well done sims. theres creators from all across the grid here. Please donate if you are able. I myself being the poor poor girl I am collected landmarks and joined every suscribe o matic I could find. Oh did I mention the freebies? Yes there are some , some super duper ones.A word of advice here.. They ask you to de prim before entering.. Please do so It's real important to be able to move. I found a terrific skin there, made for the RFL i wear it and detach everything else.. so hot!. I shall enclose a photo of the skin which you can purchace here Lemania Indigo Designs for 0l$.(Wicked store here ladies! If i were rich , well I would just camp out here and await new items all day long!)anyway get on over to the RFL donate to the american cancer scociey (I know you all have know at least 1 person touched by this damn desiese!)
Hope you visit and enjoy it as much as i did.
love Em..xx