Twisted Goodies

Welcome "Freebie-Fiends" and avid hunters, Opti here helping out his pumpkin with a guest-post. We started the Twisted hunt yesterday and so far have uncovered about 30 gifts. We encountered some laggy locations, but this was probably due to it being the first day of the hunt. We expect that it will calm down a bit as time passes. The difficulty in finding the gifts varies quite a bit. They are small so look carefully. This hunt has some cool stuff. Pictured above, Ember's got skin, hair and dress all from Skinzor. This is a great store that is also participating in the Bunny Hop hunt. Their gift included shoes, eyes, and 4 different skins. Well done Skinzor! Ember is also wearing some very interesting tattoos that were part of the gift from Self Expressions.

Ember is pictured in an amazingly detailed cage which was a gift from Nocturna Gothic Designs. This cage has nearly 25 poses and looks fabulous. Doesn't she look wonderfully helpless in there? The photo session to get the above photo wound up taking much longer than expected since I kept repositioning my Pumpkin. Let me just say that the majority of those pictures will remain on my hard drive. This is a fun item that will be getting more use in the future. If you're a fan of watching your pet on their hands and knees shaking their ass, this is the cage for you. Did I mention its only 5 prims?


  1. Forceme Silverspar pokes around in Optimystic's hard drive.

  2. Opti panics *delete...delete...delete*


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