Almost All Hopped Out

As the days pass in a blur, I find myself dreaming about eggs. Big eggs , small eggs Red eggs, blue I shall not fret though as I am almost done.#260 out of 300..YAY almost there. Then there's the opening and sorting Then a stint in Hunters Rehab might be in order. Really? Did I say that? Musta been my alternate personality. Anyhoo this hunt is over on April 19th So Hop to it!


  1. Wow #260??
    Wait for me! lol
    Mind you my eyes are burning in their sockets.. but its worth it. SO MUCH GREAT STUFF!
    Of course.. we all need MORE stuff *grin*

    Hunts are so much better than freebies.. as the items are usually worth lots of money and are made special JUST for the hunt ... wooo hooo ;)

    Spirit :))


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