Midnight Maniac

Ok . I have been *the freebie whore* *The fasionatia**The Twisted Huntress* and *the Bunny Hopper*Man alive , but this lil girly's been busy. Taking time in the evenings to do my Hopping with Mon, things are finally slowing down...But ..Oh noes..WAIT...OMG NOO. YES! I joined the Midnight Maniacs....Things haven't been the same since.So...If you LOVE freebies..You LOVE to check out shops on the grid...You will LOVE Midnight Maniacs..(Search Midnight Maniacs in groups, $0L join..) Do it,...DOOOO ITTTT! Ahem*smooths skirt* Yes fun times.Lets all be distracted together..Ember Randt randomly rambles on......<3>


  1. Ummmm ONLY Do It ... IF you want a ton of good free stuff and you decide WHAT you want and what you dont.
    AND ONLY Do It ... If you dont mind becoming addicted to one MORE thing in SL.. trust me *hanging my head in happy shame as my inventory continues to grow* lol

    Love you Em baby... keep at it!
    Mom (Spirit) :)


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