Another Great Dollarbie from Skinsane

OMG, What a way to log in on a cold Sunday Morning...

To a New dollarbie at Skinsane and i just Love it :D

Its called Sense Skin Lois also has other great dollarbies and The twilight skin is still on for 15L and the lucky chair is still stuffed with uber cool skins. And beside the lucky chair is a wall stuffed with awesome sales items priced at 50L, 10 L, or 100L check em

Take the Taxi Skinsane awesomeness

Other Things I am Wearing

Outfit~ TUFT~ Soft Sky Dollarbie~ 1L Tghere is also a mens dollarbie here too

Hair~ Magika Clearence Sale (take taxi from last post)

Skin & Eyes~ Skinsane