Blogger's appreciation week

Well OMG! What a freaking awesome week!
CaLLie CLine announced this last week on her blog and wow did it ever take off.
It was Blogger's appreciation week
..scroll down for more insane babbling(some drooling too.)
All week long us blogger's that were invited into the group had gift after gift dropped on their heads..
It was totally mind blowing for me.
To know that hey..
People DO CARE about what we are doing here.
And it truly warms my little heart.

To end the week there was a garden party for us all to meet .
(with a gazillion more gifts!)
Yes there was a dress code in effect.
Aren't we the coolest!! so smexy yuh huh!

All in all, I would like to give my heartfelt THANK~YOU'S to all the designers on the grid that have been involved in this major event. Without you we would be nothing more than gossip columnists!

If any of the designers are reading this post.(I hope) Jemi and I would be honoured to blog you.!
One huge THANK~YOU to CaLLie CLine and everyone who made this happen.
I for one am blown away by your kindness.


  1. Awww the bunch of you look cute in
    your matching outfits *grin*
    Its amazing how many people appreciate
    all the work you bloggers do.
    The vendors as well as the all the
    little people like me *giggles*
    So kudos to you Em... thank you for
    all the time and effort you put into
    helping us enjoy SL on a budget *grin*
    Smooochies, my baby
    Spirit aka Mom ;)

  2. I'm so happy for my girl. Go Pumpkin!

  3. ya beat me to it =] awesome post chickie..and yes it was a ton of fun this week.....


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