Dreaming of *Dreams*

I was standing around a friends store after hitting her mm when in came Sanura Snowpaw, and after chatting for awhile i learned she was preparing for the opening of her shop *Dreams* I asked her for a LM and off I went. Oh my what a cutie store. I am in love already. Hit up the subscribo and grab her grand opening freebie shown above ...(/me loves smileys). Sanura also passed me a bunch of her wonderfully created products to blog about...While not free the prices are very fair so I have shown them here also. The Lolli has a poof and no poof option as well as two sizes and I love love love it.

See below for a list of all the things i am wearing from *Dreams* and get your butts over there

Free and Not so Free things I am wearing

Collar~Dreams L$250

Leggies (with texture change \o/)~Dreams L$225

Tied with a bow tail and ears (with colour change bows)~ Dreams L$250

Cuppycake Holster (can change colour of icing)~ Dreams L$85

Glasses ~Solar Eyewear MM prize


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