HodgePodge @ Patchwork

The RFL Vendor @ Patchwork for 300L you can get the Living room set and donate to RFL

The abandoned photo box Lucky chair that has something against J's =P

Prudence's Cuteeeeeeeeee Lil Store Patchwork

The PocketHart Shirt (Prudence's Freebie)

I love Prudence Skytowers (from Love/Hate) new store Patchwork. Her stuffs is absolutely amazing at really reasonable prices.....

Right now she has photo boxes in her Lucky chair that changes every 5 mins , but i'll be damned if a J will come up anytime i am there. They are really awesome and there are three differnet kinds in the chair....The Bloody, The non-bloody & The Classic Homegrown Photo box.... Go and wait it's only 5 mins for this super awesome prize.

In her store she has a freebie for the gals, The Pocket Heart shirt It's a really cute shirt.

Prudence also has a RFL vendor with an awesome Living room set in it ( I own it it's great) And for 300L you get the set and you help raise funds for cancer......

That's it for now get down the and see what Hodgepodege you can find at Patchwork