It's Monday!!!!!!
Time for more Little Britain.
What goodies do they have for us today..Pictured above is their weekly freebie Horney Devil.
Includes jacket and jeans.

Ok lots going on in this photo.
We have their Lucky chair outfit called...Virgin my ass.
Oh well the shirt is from that set.
The jeans are on their MM board called..Gothic cross jeans.
Elbow and knee pads are in their camp chairs as well as the super(I LOVE THESE) Neko hat with hair, ears and tail.

Above is their Neko paw boots from the camping chair, also the knee pads from camping chair again.
Last pic, note the shoes...Metallica!
again from the camping chairs.

Hope you all enjoy Little Britain as much as I do.
hey like totally rock!
Oh ..LBD will be moving soonish so we will all be able to visit whenever we like.. no more region full messages..
Great news eh!

P.S. Will someone please teach me to beat down blogger so it doesn't do odd things like change font and put blue lines under my words.
*Grumbles to herself as she stalks off in search of the next freebie to blog about.*


  1. Haha i love the tops in the pictures, and ofcourse everything from little britain. They have such nice freebies and MM boards ^^


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