I Love Me Some Sn@tch o.O

Outfit in this pic: Sn@tch P. Diddy Audition from Sn@tch Reg.270....On sale 135 (different colour options)

Outfit in this pic: Grace Under Pressure reg.250 On sale till Monday 125 (different colour options)

Vinatge Jeans (skull)from Sn@tch ~ reg 125 on sale 75 till Monday
Sn@tch Better Dead Shirt reg 250. On sale 125 (many diff colour options here too)

Socks from Sn@tch~~ Lucky Chair Prize comes in may colours

Hehe well the store anyway (or so i'll lead you to belive )

Anyway I am minding my own business, building my Storybook Hunt Giftie, when in comes a notecard from Ivy of Sn@tch fame.

I <3 Sn@cth. I was once quoted by a friend as saying I'm a Sn@tch-a-holic =]

here is part of the note sent out from Ivy

I'm just gonna cut to the damn chase and tell you all we're having a 50% off sale this weekend. It started this morning after Rob and I got done marking down EVERY vendor in the store lol. Man...what a job. Anyways...all outfits, separates, shoes, boots, accessories, kitteh things, mens, skins, eyes, shapes, hair...ALL HALF OFF through Monday! It's spring cleaning time and man I cant believe we've had the new sim four months already...that blows me away how time flies I swear.

The only things I didnt mark down were the free and cheap room cause well thats ultra cheap already. Even the stuff on the new release wall is marked 50% off including "FERAL" the new sheer dress set. 􀀃 After the polka dot versions week before last I had people asking me over and over to make prints so here they are in cheetah, camo, zebra, plaid and my fave PONY...the fatpack of five is only 175 L! The price of just one separately!

So after reading that I stop what i am building and tp To Sn@tch City...Where when i rezz ther eis a J on the lucky chair...\o/ yayy me :)

I wander around for a bit and wanna buy the whole store. But I managed to show a lil restraint and buy four things :)

So whatcha waiting for tp to Sn@tch City now and have yourself some fun..... and I gotta get back t makin my hunt giftie

<3 jemmie

Other stuffs I am wearing

Hair~Tiny Bird..Emma ~ was a giftie for blogger appreciation week

Skin~ Skinsane...Pinkmess ~ old dollarbie not sure if still available

Tattoo~Weird Designs ~Nightmare Before Christmas ~ L 200

Cheeky Shorts~FIRST LOOK 1L

Foto Flower~ callie cline~ gifite for blogger apperciation week (not available in store)