My Two Biggest Weaknesses In Sl

Hehe and no posing nekkie with another chick is not one of them although I am known to do it sometimes >.<

Anyway Textures and Poses are my two weaknesses in sl.

I have this huge collection of them both so i thought i would share two of my fav place to get them.

In the pic above the texture on the backgorund is from Sissy's textures and the couch Merc and I are posing on is from V Poses as well as the shoes I am wearing are from 50 Flats.

Couch poser 145L @ V-Poses, All Poses here are awesomely priced and tons of freebs in the middle

Flats in Freebies Box @ 50 Flats

Purple Plaid Texture in 1L Grab Bag @Sissy's Textures

Here is the notecard from Precious Texan Owner of Sissy's Textures about her Island opening today . Go check it out for sales, Her lucky Cupcake Tons of stuff to do.

Good Morning!! The Sissy's Island is now open!!!

New Prizes in our Randomn Vender, Lucky chair, Lucky chair for Tinys, and Mob Vend, Here is the updated LM for you! Lots of room,
While your here Check out our other Shops, and Great artists,
Wehave Lucky tribe Cupcake! Daily Sales under the stairs! Ad boards for just 15L a week, Just pay the board and put your LM Pic and or Freebie you want to give you!!! Have a great day all!!

So whatcha waitin for go make your inv huge with poses and textures :D

luv yas

<3 Jemmie


  1. Oh , this is just great jemi. Like i dont have enough stuff already! ...Off to shop!
    *shhhhh..Don't tell Opti!*

  2. okies girl it is our secret =]


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