Silver & Gold

I came across a new shop brought to us by Nizar Redstar.. Its Called Supreme Clothing
and she has excellent clothes at good prices and she also has a few dollarbies out on the table in the middle of the store.... Go check it out , you will not be dissapointed at her stuffs.

In the first pic I am wear a smexy silver garter and top, I love the sequined texture of this

In the second Nizar has given us a beautifully textured gold sequined tanktop that I love with a pair of jeans..

Keep up the awesome work Nizar :)

off to do some more hunting

<3 jemmie

Free and not so free stuffs I am wearing

Jeans ~ Dutch Touch 4 pack 10L not sure if they are still available

Collar~Dari's Haus~Fetish Gear 500L

Skin~ Skinsane Insane Pink Skin 1100 L

Hair~ Magika ~zomg Black and White Fatpack 199L