SL Discovery Hunt

Good morning and happy Saturday. My apologies for not posting yesterday as I have been a busy girl preparing for my baby's second!!

Right ..on with the show...
The SL Discovery Hunt. This one you are looking for magnifying glass in every shop.. OK..don't panic but..There's 500 shops in this one!
It is designed to introduce to lesser known shops around Second life.
I've been doing it a bit here and there far the gifts are AMAZING! They give you 2 whole months to complete this one so NP right!!
First dress above is from Cilian'gel.
Love every giftie I have received from them.

This one above I noticed off Shay's blog
(Thank you for posting this and starting my blog addiction!)
It is from **Angelwing Fashion** I am in love..this is a wonderful store..Interesting and different styles. Just quality all around!
Well done Angelwing!

Well children , this should keep you busy until I can find time to post again..
hugs and cooties to you all!