Spermy Through The Looking Glass

I tell you I am so sorry for cheesy titles.....But I am kinda liking them


I <3 Jinx'd Voodoo and have since I came back in world. Owners Monkie Darkstone and February Jinx have two twisted creative minds... And put together their store is awesome.

Their main store is in Neko Wonderland and is full of twisted goodies from awesome Static Prim eyes to Binky's to shoulder sperm pets (yes i said shoulder sperm). Check out the whole line of spermy's including the chair i am sitting on in the pic.

Jinx'd also has a satellite store at The Hotel Jemmiefornia

They are involved in the Through The Looking Glass Hunt and Have two Glasses in the mainstore... One has these awesome shoulder sitter's from Alice in wonderland... And the other I am Told has a Full Alice in Wonderland Avatar in it... Can't tell you where they are in the store.... That wouldn't be right... But Take the taxi and find em for yourself.

While your there shop a lil bit.... wait on the lucky chair, annnnd Play the random Vendor for some awesome prizes for only 25L per try

Things in the pic free and not free

Hair~Magika ~ Old 10L style(not sure if still available)

Outfit~ TUFT~ I Love My Blue~ New release ~ 175L

Binky, Doll Key, Eyes, Spermy Chair @ Shoulder Sitters ~ Jinx'd Voodoo (various prices)

Skin~ Atomic ~ Keys To The Gridewide V.I.P Hunt

Boots~ Wrong~ 149L