Good morning you sexy avatars!!
I feel that I've been neglecting you of late..
Truth of it is ,I've been real busy and just haven't found the time.
But this morning I make some ..just for you!
A BOOBIE shot to keep the boys happy..
Pictured above are my BOOBIE BUDDY'S.
They attach to chest and hang out on your fun!
I found these in a MM board @ Alley Cat Designs.

Okies..In this photo is yet another MM prize..
A cute little dress from..Twiple Twouble
(humm maybe this is a kids shop..oh well)
Also pictured here is my bestest hair gift EVER
It's the new curl hair from Magika and they sent the fat pack out to the Bloggers group..
sorry group is invite only but you can buy the hair in store!
In fact I was planning on heading over to buy it myself when it fell from the hair gods onto me!
Anyone who knows me ..KNOWS what a hair whore I am!!! LOVE IT!
OH ..oh ya almost forgot..I gots spots! seee*points up*
Hybrid is having a sale..everything is 50l...EVERYTHING!..
Have a spiffy weekend folks..
I know mine' gonna be groovy!


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