Good morning sexy ones!
Well it's Monday and we all know what that means...LBD!!!!
Doing things a bit differently today as I haven't much time this morn and wanna get this out to you all ASAP!
OK, This week the camp chairs are giving out..An AWESOME beanie with hair (for the girls) which silly me forgot to model.
Brown neko ears and tail.
Brown Neko boots.
Chain suspenders and spiked gloves!

The MM board holds the Forsaken jeans.
(Already been locked down and reset just now)

Lucky chairs are holding the *Talk to the hand* sets.
Male and female..Also the love bite skins.
The weekly freebies...are...The hubby beater set/also a wife beater for the guys
{will have much fun with these..and a certain club}

In these photo's I am wearing .
Spot Tattoos from Hybrid $50L.
Skin from Tuli *Hope*
Hairs from Truth.
Magika.Uncle Web
& HOH.
There..whew thinks i got it all!
happy hunting.
Poses are from Cyanide


  1. After carefully studying the pics, were those taken in that bathroom where I...?


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