All Tuffed up and shot through the looking glass!

My my . Its a colourful day .
Look at that blue line there. My new faithful friend.
OK enough grumbling.
Today I am showing off a few of my prizes from the TTLG Hunt.
I did have a close up but deleted it by accident trying to lose the BLUE LINE!
Please click to enlarge this photo instead.

First of all this photo was taken at My girl Daisy's Wonderland.
What better place to take this shot then with the white rabbit.
Right.. This supa cute complete outfit is from #15 Fukmi Clothing.
Ears and tail are the gift from # 141 Twisted and spoiled.
Anddddd.. lookit ma cuteee hair!
I got this baby from the MM board at Tuft. Diff hair in today but IM Jemima Clowes and raz her till she puts it back out again!!!
Cheers my sexy beasties


  1. snacks between meals3 June 2009 at 13:57

    You look like a delicious lolly. I'd lick that!


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