Em's mismash..(suits my mood)

Good morning my lovelies.
I have no real theme for this post so lets just get on with it.
In the photo above I am wearing Black or Dead outfit from Jelousy .
A DSN gift.
The hair is from Magika a hair fair gift.
And the boots..OMG THE BOOTS!
They are from ::PINKICE::

(note it is now 2 hours since I started this post and am now lost at the hair fair!!BBS!)
OK I'm back finally. Humm.. in this above photo I am wearing hair from Raspberry Aristocrat. And no I'm not going back for the SLURL! The dress is from Aurora a DSN freebie.
In this photo the hair is from HCT also hair fair.
Nah nah.. Go find it yerself!
Oh hey the dress is from there as well !

So yeah thats my post ..
Now I gotta go sort all my free new hairs...
See you next week!
Licks & leg humps..


  1. Yummmmmmm LOVE the boots!
    Running shoe high heel boots are sexy AND fun! :)
    Off to the hair fair now.... send out a search party if you lose me for tooooo long ;)

  2. Oooops... the comment about is MINE! rofl
    Spirit... aka MOM :)


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