Hello my darlings! Did you miss me?
I sure do hope so.
Just a quickie post tonight as it's been a very long day.
Whats new with me? Well..
My girl jemi has made this pretty funky line called THIS IS..
Lets see there's pink, purple, yellow, green & blue.
She's done hairs & tank tops..
I love them! So much fun..
Betcha you're wondering how this pertains to your Ember eh?
Well jemi let me have a play and I managed to make a skirt and socks to match the tanks!!
ME I made something!
Hey I'm so proud I could sing!
And oh ya the THIS IS PURPLE dress shown above is on sale right this second for 50l!!!
Includes.. skirt ,base ,tank, socks & hair!
Other hairs sold separately for 100l!
Come on down to TUFT and show me your love!

That's all folks,
Peace out!


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