Happy Wednesday?????

WTF??? Opsies I so thought this was Monday!
Anyhooo ......
Little Britain
And what do they have to offer us freebie Whores this week eh?
the Anarchy outfit*Hoodie & jeans* this weeks freebie.
The leg daggers can be found on one of the camp chairs.
I like these a lot!

The hat with hair, Pentagram chain and piercings also found in the camp chairs..
I looove the chain!
*Click photo to enlarge*
That's it that's all for now folks.
I promise someday soon I 'll go on a massive blogging spree as I have sooo much to share...
P.S. Go to Bishwear tonight before midnight.. All their hair is on sale from 75L to 99L only till midnight SLT!!! GO!GO!GO!!!


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