New Cuteness

So I was out walking around as one of my alter egos, Sera, and I decided I needed some new cuteness. Luckily I found the nicest freebies, skins, clothes, and some nice accessories.

First, is the Petal Dress from ~*RunoRuno*~, where a lot of adorable freebie clothes are:

Please keep in mind that all these lovely sculpties will need to be adjust depending on your avatar and the creator does warn on some of the items that they are not made for curvy shapes!

Next we have a great manicure from Candy Nail, the current group gift, called LOVE:

Do join the group! It's worth the slot if you love nice nails.

And the last thing I wanted to post on was the lovely free skins from (Vive9)! They recently released several new skin lines and opened a new location at Elliot, a Starlust affiliated.

If my power stops threatening to go out due to this lightening I'll show you what P.K. found, featuring another great skin from (vive9) and more free accessories.

Petal Dress - ~*RunoRuno*~- Moonlight Requiem 240 230 301
Group Gift LOVE White Nails - Candy Nail - Candy nail 239 127 22
Aoki Dark Purify Skin - (Vive9) - Eugene 33 117 24