Sugarr & A Slice Of Summer Hunt

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First up is a store called Sugar.
I visit here frequently to stalk the MM board.
They have wicked nice stuff here.
Other day I got lucky when an E came up on the lucky chair while I was there.
I got this cool outfit called BANG.
Sugar is also in the Slice of summer hunt.
Which I believe starts tomorrow.
Check the website. all the stores are in there (even LBD!)This hunt will be great as it's run by the same person that did the bunny hop hunt! Cutey Magic

Instructions below(yes i borrowed this off their website, but its for the greater good!

1) Come to the Headquarters!

2) Find the watermelon somewhere...

3) Buy it and find the landmark to #002 inside your new folder.
Teleport to the 2nd store location.

4) Find and buy the watermelon hidden inside the 2nd store.
You will find the landmark for #003 inside another new folder.


You may use the hints to help you through.
If that does not help, you may join the group to ask for help.