Happy Friday!

Welcome to Primbles..Cute name huh? With some very cute stuff.
I flew round this shop testin poses. Playing in the kitchen and back chatting to the parrots. oh yes.. I hit the MM too!
I met the Owner Evangelina Cuttita who seemed quite nice. but me being my ADD self just bounced around after sayin "hiya!" I did however get a note card from her as I just knew I wanted to blog this place. Here it is lovies.. See you at Primbles!

The idea of the store is to make nice things available to everyone
I offer good basic stuff at low prices

The pets.

The pets are rabbits, mice, hamster and tortoise with rats and turtles to come soon. The rabbits and mice come in four shades thru dark brown to white. They are all 150L

I also have parrots and cockatiels which have real parrot talking and squawking sounds. They are animated to open their beak, ruffle their feathers and turn their heads. They also send random phrases into chat from a note card which can be customised to include your own phrases. These are also 150L and come in 4 colours.

All are animated with simple animations. The rabbits munch on their carrots, the mice are chomping on cheese and the hamster on a peanut. The tortoise is nibbling on a lettuce leaf until he gets spooked and disappears into his shell.

The kitchens

I have a new approach to the kitchens too. I don't see them point in making ready made units when you know that the chances of them fitting each and every customer kitchen are very low. So, I made all the main parts, fridge freezer, oven and microwave, hob, kitchen sink and sell those in a choice of 9 colours ( currently- this will soon be more). Then I sell the matching cupboard textures so that the customer can fit the kitchen exactly to their needs with matching units. For those people who aren't adept with the edit box I will fit the kitchen in their home for them, for a small negotiated fee. All the appliances in the kitchen work in some way, from just the doors opening on the dishwasher, fridge and oven etc to being able to wash dishes in the sink and work the halogen hob with individual heat settings on each ring and bubbling saucepans to put on top. There are poses for kneading and rolling pastry where the dough appears. There is also a hoard of small kitchen accessories to add realism. Everything is priced individually for people who either don't have the money or don't have the prim allowance for all of it. Its also sold in a full pack of everything for 750L.

The dining room table and chairs, sideboard and china cabinet all come in the same 9 wood finished so that the entire area can match.

Apart from that there's all sorts of bits and bobs from prefabs to vases of flowers, a nice bedroom suite, a Chinese feast and a range of patio sets..