Ack sorry the dollarbies are gone but there is a free gift!

A few things I've picked up recently.

First photo Is a fantasmic dress from Plastik .
There are some dollarbie boxes at the front of the shop one for the Doods and two for the girls. Wicked good stuff in them, go before they are gone!


Second photo is the top half of Plastik's strappy dress
(I <3 this Soo sexy.)
not free
Also the Burn Jeans off the MM board @ Little Britain.

Third photo is Yet another of the smoking hot dresses from Plastik dollarbie box.
That's all I got For now..
*sorry for the uninspired poses.. I switched avatars and haven't got any poses yet!! Soon really*
(eye roll)
Love and kisses to all my friends..
I am doing well.
I promise..xoxo