Happy Hump day!!!

First up ..Little Britain.. Bit late with this one ..hehe, sue me =p

Retro Punk jeans on the MM
In this photo, this weeks freebie
Get wasted. 
Comes with a belt full of bottles!!
Also wander over to their winter area. 
There is a frozen pond with coolio all star ice skates..

Also while there I ran into an acquaintance who was wearing little more than lights and a smile. And well you know me, ignores the nudity..
"OMG..Where did you get those lights?? I need them!!"
Ha ha so he hands over the LM and off to Horenbeek I dash.

They have lights, gift boxes, antlers ect.,
You guessed it...FREE!
Whew, that about covers it for today.. 
Well maybe, there s few more things.. 
Maybe I'll blog them tomorrow.
As per usual, Kitty kisses and leg humps to you all.
Make the most of your hump day!
Squishes,Em xoxo


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