Monday Madness.

Morning everybody!!!
Here's a quick post to show what I've managed to pick up the last few days.

This here photo is of LBD's weekly freebie called Xmasohyst.
Comes with shirt, pants and belt.. Thank you Ivica for all your hard work and effort. You are greatly appreciated! 
This outfit.. I am so totally stoked about. Everything seen in the above photo (-skin and shape) is from LE.LOOK sim. It's their first anniversary and they are celebrating by creating complete avitars for us. 
(Note the BAX boots...FREE OMFG!)
Please be patient when attempting to get in here, sim is always full.. took me three days to get there.:( But,, sooo worth it* smiles at her boots*

Right y O , so that's it for today. 
To all my lovlies  if i don't see you before hand 
Have a very Merry Christmas.. May you and your's be blessed
<3 Em,xoxo