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Monday..on a Wednesday?

OK,OK I know I'm late..
Tut tut naughty Ember.
Anyway...Whats on this week from LBD?Well there is this Retro t~shirt on the MM board
And this is the new freebie called Drink!
Also pictures here is one of their newest hairs called Rebel Yell
(300l$ per colour pack).
The skin is a group gift from Belleza($250L join)
Kisses and leg humps

Friday Part 2

Time for more LBD!Meet the Punisher.. Their newest RP outfit.
I got so many compliments in this outfit.
Ranging from...
"Wow that's hot". To "OMG Ember you look scary!"
I love it!!!
Perfect for when my inner angry kitty needs unleashing on the grid!
Also worn in this post.
Native chick black hair,LBD
.MPX Extreme rock boots. LBD.
Skin. Female special skin,(Lucky chair) LBD.

Happy Friday!

Welcome to Primbles..Cute name huh? With some very cute stuff.
I flew round this shop testin poses. Playing in the kitchen and back chatting to the parrots. oh yes.. I hit the MM too!
I met the Owner Evangelina Cuttita who seemed quite nice. but me being my ADD self just bounced around after sayin "hiya!" I did however get a note card from her as I just knew I wanted to blog this place. Here it is lovies.. See you at Primbles!

The idea of the store is to make nice things available to everyone
I offer good basic stuff at low prices

The pets.

The pets are rabbits, mice, hamster and tortoise with rats and turtles to come soon. The rabbits and mice come in four shades thru dark brown to white. They are all 150L

I also have parrots and cockatiels which have real parrot talking and squawking sounds. They are animated to open their beak, ruffle their feathers and turn their heads. They also send random phrases into chat from a note card which can be customised to include your own phrases.…

It's Monday!!! WAKE UP!updated!

This shirt above is the new MM prize.
It's called Death Brigade.
Boards need 200 slaps! GO!
Time for a new freebie from LBD!
This week it's called fishbone.
I like this,my kind of outfit.
(just don't ask what happened to the fish)

Also on the MM boards there's tattoos!.
Get on down to LBD!!

Discord Lucky Chairs

Welcome to Discord!I have counted 16+ lucky chairs here all packed with quality designs. They seem to flip quickly . Also somewhere round here is a big pile of group gifties. Fly on down and check them out! CLICK HERE FOR LIMO.


Update... this hawt shirt is the new MM prize..
68..You owe me!

OK. whew.. I took this photo a few days ago.. then promptly lost it in my PC.
(Smooth move Em)
Anyhow In this photo this weeks freebie from Little Britain*Nicely slashed up and bloody* Also in this photo I am wearing one of their newest pairs of rock boots.(not free) I quite like these as they move really well with my AO.


OK. So I totally fucked up my blog, lost all my links..*wails* SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Attention.. nakedness

Little Britain has new skins in their lucky chairs!
Be there or be square!


Today I took the plunge and got the new Prestige boots from BAX. Initially the price scared the crap outa me butt today i pressed on and got me some. the price tag for these beauties is 875 L I believe butt... They fit them for you! I have muscular calves and no boots fit.. butt.. lookie these are purrfect!!! Worth the trip to BAX. the best quality period for your high heeled boots.

New Hair & Boots!!! OMG YAY!!

SOOO For those of you who know me..I'm a total hair whore. I cant help it. i have like over 500 or so and the folder is still growing! Today i went a bit..OK a lot mental and picked up 3 of New ones . I just love the details on them. You can pick these up at Little Britain Designs (Ha ha also a LBD whore!)for 300l per colour pack. Oh Ya while you are there check out their Rock boots. $400L. They are so good they have their own shop next door.Great Details..I just been told that a friend wants to roll me for them..nope nope git yer own!