I <3 LBD !!!

First up this weeks freebie called Deathmatch..
This one comes with Shirt, shorts, wristbands and the cutest socks! Run and scoop it up!

 While you're there You just gotta check out their newest releases. This sexy one is called Hell's Guardian.
Comes with the skin, eyes and a gazillion accessories for
$ 1300L.

This ones called Rock the dance floor.
I know the boots don't go but I loves my BAX .. 
Anyhoo This one comes with headphones, cool belt, knee pads, spiky collar and more for 
$ 500L.

Last but not least is DJ Darkness..
This might just be my fave of the bunch.
It has fantastic leg bands ,belt, knee and elbow pads,
earphones ect.. for
$ 500L.


 That's all for now folks.. 
Here's your Limo

Happy shopping!