Care For A Cold Embrace?

Hiya, Nikala here. Firstly I suck at writing things like this especially about my own stuff... But Ember promised me fame and riches beyond my wildest dreams if I did, so here I am.

My shop, Cold Embrace, was a collaboration between me and a good SL friend of mine who's sadly no longer an SLer... (otherwise I'd have tried to get her to write this!)...

In a nutshell we make kinky stuff for a niche market of customers who like their virtual life to be somewhat restricted. Gags, Cuffs, Stuff with dildos attached.... basically stuff nobody would own in RL without the invention of online shopping, or be somebody with no fear of walking into their local sex shop and saying "I want a gag with a 10 inch rubber cock attached".
We wanted to keep the items nice and simple... No chat spam... No "no involvement, xcite style" RP. All RLV Compatible.

We have several products to date, 10 or so vendors dotted around the place and a main store on Isis Isle.

I like to make stuff, but a lot of it can't be sold as resizing would just be a complete nightmare and add more spam to my already capped IM's lol... but I don't mind the odd bit of custom work... So if you have a wacky idea, something you'd like jammed in your mouth, a way you wanna be stuck or even just anything... drop me a note card anytime.


Pop by my main store and come grab the freebie specially made for you Ember followers.... Ember will supply the secret code thingy...

Right, so the password is "Princess" . 
You will be prompted to say this on channel..69 Go figure. har har.