Friday Mashup

First up is the Ema's Secret St Paddy's Day group gift.
A lovely green dress.. Aww so sweet.
Join the group and check notices. Or is it the suscribo.. Check both!!
Next we have a dress from Musasi-Do
This must be a suscribo gift.
Go hit it and get the goods!!

OK This ends the freebie portion of our little fashion show..
On to..Dun ..Dun.. Dunn.. 
Yeap, you guessed it 

This outfit is called bad ass punk and comes with so much ..
But I'm far to lazy to list it all here. 
400L$ and it's yours!

This one's called Vampires Assistant Again a lot of Accessories with this one.
My fave of the week.!!
** lookie.. handcuffs**
Right, well that's it for me.. See, I was finally a good girl and buckled down to post something..*mm buckled down*
Heh gotta gooooo!
Leg humps and kitty kisses
Em, xoxo