Something fun just for Easter!

Compliments of Nikala of Cold Embrace..

Come on down and visit .
Oh yeah tell her she needs to make me some ropes too :PP


  1. Pah, I'm not making something that people are blatently gunna mess up resizing then IM me constantly with "I've broke it, can i have another".
    Emmy, If you want some ropes, just let me know a position and come and stand on a posestand for a couple of hours and I'll build some for you.

    Nika Xx

  2. OMG You think I can stand still for a few hours? Oh I get it...mmhum. no ropes for me :P
    kisses Nika and keep up the fantasmic work!! xoxo

  3. Lord "Misses Her"24 April 2010 at 18:36

    *remembers Ember's ropes*


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