Monday stuff.

Well helloooo.. Did you miss me?
(Pretends you said yes) 
Great! I've missed you too!!

Anyhoo the real reason I'm blogging again are these 2 new outfits from Little Britain Design.

The first is a photo of Vampire Master..(Do I look like I can master a vamp?) comes with: Jacket pants, bracer, belt upper leg strap and collar for 400L$

Next up is Evermore. This outfit comes with jacket,pants collar and cuffs for 400L$
Smexy huh.

As usual all these outfits can be found in the male versions as well as female
So go git yer Brit on!

Hairs and boots can be found in Little Britain as well.


  1. Sits Waiting At His Desk10 May 2010 at 12:52

    Looks like a great headdesk outfit

  2. Barely Perverted10 May 2010 at 12:55

    *looks around for the pervert*

  3. /me passes over her hand mirror.." There he is.. right there!"

  4. *smiles at the handsome man*


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