Broadcast it with this fun shirt from Zombiepopcorn
Get it Free HERE
Also sporting another of the free mo hawks I snagged from Black Maria.
Get these Free HERE
The jeans I grabbed in a fat pack of colours from GryphonWings for 10L!!
Unfortunatly they are closing so get down there before they do!!
Everything is on sale!!
Pip pip & Tallyho


Also received this note card from Nyte'N'Day that was sent out to group members..
I've copied the note direct.

Hi Guys! :) It's time for a sale at Nyte'N'Day! Everything is 25-50% off! WOOT! :D

I've decided that the store is just too big and because of this... I need to reduce Nyte'N'Day's inventory! That means everything (except items on the new display) is on sale!! This is a permanent retirement of at least half the store!

Sale will end... I'm not quite sure yet but will keep you posted through the update group and store blog.

So get yer asses down to Nyte'N'Day.. 
their stuff is great quality, I've always admired their clothing.. Maybe see you there .

Ember xoxo