A hunting we will go..( Warning nudity ! )

So I wandered over to Hardwear to find the elusive MHOH gift that everyone has been raving about. 
After causing a ruckus in group when I couldn't find it  I contacted the designer directly.
After apologizing profusely to him , he passed me the gift..
Check it out..I sported the outfit 2 ways, Who wore it best?
Ember or Bert? 
Thank~You Shea Paule!!!

Next up we have 2 hunt gifts from our friends@ PRIME.
This is the diversity hunt gift, A whole camp scene with animated poses for FF,MM & MF.
You've outdone yourselves with this one PRIME!
(P.S. My fave is the kiss you all over one)

And last but not least is the Falling into Madness Hunt gift , also from PRIME.
 What's really special about this is all the sounds it makes.
I mean I looked totally insane in it .
My avatar rocking back and forth, covering her ears.. 
A perfect accessory to a haunted mansion or  your home.
Thank~You Reven Rosca <3

 That's it for now folks.
Happy hunting and catch ya on the flip side.


  1. Totaly Insane ? ? " sarcastic question marks?"

  2. Yeah only look insane..
    I'm slowly recovering my sanity :D

  3. I have the "kiss you all over" annie but don't know how to work it. You think you could come over my place and show me? Please....

  4. /me doesn't even know how to reply to that...


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