The Whiz

Hi there, I am Whiz Wonder and I live in Roscana. This is my first hunt and I think you will be enchanted by it. I invite you both hunters and vendors to keep on reading and we would love for you to let your magical influence shape the hunt.

What , Why & Who? The end of the year is indeed magical for all people around the world. This is the time when we meet with family and friends in both RL and SL. We at Roscana encourage everyone to celebrate the magic that comes with ending a year and starting a new one. We propose a playful hunt, that takes you back to when you were a child who marveled at the food, the presents, and the cousins and friends getting together and most of all staying late well past your bedtime to play!

What is different about this hunt is that there will be a substantial GRAND PRIZE known as THE WHIZ for one lucky winner among those hunters who qualify. THE WHIZ will be a basket of great gifts and cash from the amazing vendors participating in this hunt.

PRIME Furniture has donated furniture and accessories of the winner's choice, at a value up to L$ 10,000, plus L$ 10,000 in cash. - Prizes worth L$ 20,000 in total from PRIME Furniture alone, and there is more to come! Follow our blog, for more information since the basket will be filled with more goodies as the hunt approaches.

You will have to complete the hunt trail to qualify for the GRAND PRIZE draw, and solve the task that we will reveal for you at the last stop. To qualify for THE WHIZ, you must also subscribe to our hunter subscribo: The WHIZlist, which is found in Roscana

The Whiz is not like any other hunt.
One lucky winner will win 11.000L$ in cash and prizes from our vendors worth about 50.000 L$ just by answering some simple questions.
Just a few of the hunt prizes.