Yes I've officially changed the name Monday to LBDday 
Because the sky is purple in my world and it makes me happy..So there..Ha!

Ahem, anyhoo ....
Wanna see what's new at my favorite shop

This is this weeks freebie called..Gothica.
Comes with top, pants and gloves..
If you look close there is fishnet in this one..
Also worn is the skin from the lucky chair.
(Their skins retail for 800l so SCORE!)

The hair is Wild thing(3ool)With texture change beanie
And my Kick ass Stompers are Their New Rock MPX Extreme Black Boots (400L)


While here I noticed some new hair..
 It was love at first sight.
So I took a photo of me in the DEMO version to remember this moment for always

Ta daa..Purdy neato huh!
This hair is called BRONX (300l) 
For a limited time comes with  cool shades, there's different textures for the hat and...
*Laughs*Got me a little tourettes this morning I think .
Oh well My blog nya nya.
Yeah OK they have moved all their hair Armors and accessories to their own shop at opposite side of sim.
Go check it out!!
Peace out

Thanks for stoppin by
 Hey leave me a comment okay..
I'm feelin unloved in my little world here 
<3 Ember 

Saturday stuff

Here I am on my momma's place.
*Pet addicts* 
Think that T-REX is about to crap on my pretty new dress from Relentless Couture
Part of a hunt gift.. go there and look for a sun. 

Also got this outfit as a group gift from P.S. Style 
Go there and join the group.. They have nice stuff and a dollarbie area!

 Peace out

I <3 LBD !!!

First up this weeks freebie called Deathmatch..
This one comes with Shirt, shorts, wristbands and the cutest socks! Run and scoop it up!

 While you're there You just gotta check out their newest releases. This sexy one is called Hell's Guardian.
Comes with the skin, eyes and a gazillion accessories for
$ 1300L.

This ones called Rock the dance floor.
I know the boots don't go but I loves my BAX .. 
Anyhoo This one comes with headphones, cool belt, knee pads, spiky collar and more for 
$ 500L.

Last but not least is DJ Darkness..
This might just be my fave of the bunch.
It has fantastic leg bands ,belt, knee and elbow pads,
earphones ect.. for
$ 500L.


 That's all for now folks.. 
Here's your Limo

Happy shopping!

Magika free hair!!!

There are 15 styles in this pack.
I love them!

They come in every colour.
But I'm feelin the red these days so here are a few pics of some of them!


Here's your TAXI..



Please,please come and slap this board today..I reallly want it!!

Shoes & Accessories Hunt !!!

Woot woot new hunt!!


There are 164 shops involved with this one. Men and women gifts

Ahem*smooths hair* Yes where was I.. Oh yeah.. Great hunt..Starts today Jan 15th and runs until Feb 15th.. So plenty of time to finish it up!
Starting location 

Blog link

OK Why are you still looking at my blog?
Kisses & Leg humps


 Time for my weekly visit to little Britain Designs..
They have moved here.
First up on the MM board is the jailbird hoody.. 
Go slap it.. You shall be rewarded for your efforts ^^

Next up is the weekly freebie called Ride to live..And yes boys, there's one for you too! 
Here's yer limo darlings LBD 

Something in your mouth!! Oh my ^^

So it was decided yesterday that Ember needs a fishy hanging out her mouth.


Fish is all her quirky little character ever seems to think about.
Soo off I go on my search..
After almost giving up I stumbled into a shop called
JACKPOT!!...Ember gots her fishy!
Isn't it sweet and only cost 15l.
In fact I so far haven't found anything over 30l..
So Everyone really check this place out..
They seem to have everything imaginable to put in your gob.
Even fish hooks and wire to sew it shut!
Here's yer Taxi...enjoy
Love and legs humps.
P.s The cool finger tape I found thanks to Yves @ FFFM And you can pick it up for 1l at Linc

Monday ,Jan,4

Here's what's new at Little Britain Design

Freebie of the week is called  Live to ride. Comes with the jacket and pants.
 One for the boys too.

And on the MM boards are  The pentagram chain( I have this it is well made!) Also what look like leg daggers. I think they are putting past camp chair items in the boards and this is an awesome idea as a lot (namely me) are too ADD to camp ^^

Anddd last but not least this cute Lil dress from the DSN From.. RBZ Design