Reven Rosca, one of the lovely owners of PRIME
dropped these awesome gifts on me the other day . 
I just had to share them with you.
I have actually had them for 3 days now but we have been having way to much fun playing with them..
Hehe, so now to show you.

 In the first photo is the Hot ottoman and is the gift in the After Dark hunt.
It runs until June 6th.
You are looking for a Martini glass.

This next photo is the prize from Dark Katz Hunt 2.
I freaking love this one.
It's a grungy bed with like 9 animated sits.
You can actually fill it with 9 people. 
(even 2 jumping on the bed anims!)
This hunt runs until..June 10th and you are looking for  A black cats head.
Finally in this last photo A sneak peek of the gift  for the Groovy Love Hunt. 
A chair for 2 with some really sweet and well groovy animations. This one also comes with an outfit to get you into the mood :) 
This hunt starts June 5th and runs until the 26th.
So have I mentioned what AWESOME furniture PRIME makes?
I personally own a lot and urge you to check out this first rate shop when you are in need of new animated furniture. 
Seriously guys and gals.. Top notch!

Until next time,
Happy hunting
Em, xoxo


Recently my friend Emory gave me a 100L gift card she had won in the Midnight Mania at RAWR

And guess what??? 
There's a SALE on!! 
Nothing in the whole shop is over 99L$. 
When you drop by be sure to have some time to spend here.
It is half a sim of shop geared to your inner neko. 
MM boards lucky chairs furniture and clothing .
Scoot on over to RAWR and see for yourself!!


If you've never been to KUSO I suggest that you RUN there today. It is by far the best AO shop I've stumbled across thus far in my SL And yes I am an AO addict.
So all you designers out there feel free to change my mind **winks**

Anyway KUSO has out 6 FREE small AO's right now and it is over today SO RUN RUN and get yours. 
While you're there check out their awesome selection of animations I got a full and I mean jam packed AO for 300L$
  A steal!!
Kisses ,Ember

Ask me anything..

       Stole this idea from my pal Forceme Silverspar
     @ Forceme Silverspar's adventures in Second Life
     Called... Ask me anything, you can submit questions about well      anything and I'll reply. :) 
        Can't wait for my first one!!!
Submit your questions here  Ask me anything

Yes I am a Brat!

I admit it and that's okay cause it's earned me a special title. 
Little Britain Brat. 
Mmhum, join the group and you can be bratty just like me!

There is also a new group gift out this week called Lil Britain.
Has their funky store logo on it and a cool belt! 
Hop on down to Rubicon and check it out!
P.s Thank you Emory for posing with me.
This makes you a brat  too BTW!
Big hugs and leg humps, 
Ember xoxo

My hair is also available from LBD. It's called Wild Thing.(not free)

Hair @ Magika

 Hello my treasures .
Been bopping round the grid today.
( Can't sit still) 
And I recalled Magika is having a sale of sorts.

For a limited time..
 (no ones sure how long) 
All these hairs are 99L$ per fat pack!!!
Discontinued styles..
Run and grab them before they're gone!!!
Big kisses and leg humps
Ember xoxo

Monday stuff.

Well helloooo.. Did you miss me?
(Pretends you said yes) 
Great! I've missed you too!!

Anyhoo the real reason I'm blogging again are these 2 new outfits from Little Britain Design.

The first is a photo of Vampire Master..(Do I look like I can master a vamp?) comes with: Jacket pants, bracer, belt upper leg strap and collar for 400L$

Next up is Evermore. This outfit comes with jacket,pants collar and cuffs for 400L$
Smexy huh.

As usual all these outfits can be found in the male versions as well as female
So go git yer Brit on!

Hairs and boots can be found in Little Britain as well.