Look before you leap.

I met someone today who said she had just come out of a 2 month ABUSIVE  D/s relationship. 
Her Master dumped her like a hot potato when she addressed her needs/views.

Anyway why am I posting this you may ask?
Well This woman proclaims to have had Stockholm syndrome and wanted to be his friend, yadda yadda..
" Eh? Still be his friend when he abused you?"
I never asked as I don't know her or what goes on in her head  but it got me thinking..

I see so many people come into SL and jump right into the BDSM scene with NO CLUE as to what they are getting into.
I mean these people don't even know how to do the SL basics and I see them in shackles  begging to be owned.

Please people Get informed.. Listen learn read about it and for God's sake  KNOW your prospective Dominant.
Learn how to play SAFE and to COMMUNICATE!
Use the brain you were born with.


Please if nothing more make this your mantra!!

Okay Rant done, Ember out.


  1. Good post. Too many don't have a clue. They need to get informed. Maybe take Forceme's classes on D/s relationships. True words, Em... "Look before you leap!"

  2. Many think of online as an irresponsible playground. They come running to it with fantasies and dont think ... at all. They just want to have fun. Its NOT real, so they feel there is NO risk.
    Problem is.. your emotions are real. If you meet jerks in SL and have a bdsm relationship, you can still get hurt!
    Like ember says... THINK, LEARN, BABY STEPS! Its ALOT more fun when you know what you are doing and you know who you are submitting to!

  3. (forgive my bad grammar) Well, there are people that when arrive in sl, first they type the word "sex" at the search tool bar, so they enter an adult land and think everything is wonderful, the real paradise and, like anonymous said, since it's not real, they believe they won't get hurt, that everything is allowed, but it's not so simple, it's not "The Sims", we are dealing with REAL people and if the person is not prepared, s/he may face real emotional trouble.

  4. Well said Gabriella and thanks for your comment. Let's hope that these people at least learn from their experiences.. Best we can hope for really.:)

  5. In all honesty the whole woman needing/wanting/should be owned thing by a mistress or master, needs to be looked at and asked why do these women want such a relationship? They like to be submissive, they want to be told what to do, they don't want to WORK at a relationship. And these (dare I say) weaker women that are vunerable, naive and potentional targets for those sort of men. I've had enough Gorean men or just out right jerks tell me how they want to collar my ass, I'm not in to that sort of thing and threaten to castrate them :) They need a "Do not mess with me" attitude.


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