And others just plain suck!
.. Please read on.

First of all I would like to mention this wicked awesome hunt I am doing.
So many stores I didn't know about and the prizes.. Oh wow!!

That being said I would like to introduce you all to a shop called HybridZ
Holy crow what a shop. They have something for almost every fetish.

The main floor being almost entirely devoted to latex rubber dolls , maggots, puppies .. Well you get the idea.
Now the original gift that was placed out for the hunt happened to be a shop freebie. 
Okay for some this can be a disappointment. 
But hey Perhaps the owner is new to hunting or did not  understand .

Here is a photo of the first prize..Fetish doll.. It's shiny.. its got locking gags.. It is great!! 
I personally wold have had no clue that this was a shop freebie as well until I got a group notice about How upset the shop owner was that people were mad about it.
So Most owners would just pull out of the hunt, save hassle But not this one..
She put out this for us for free..

Taille doll.. This suit normally sells for 700L

I would like to personally thank the owner of  HybridZ for rising above the drama.
I will defiantly be back and be sending people I meet in the Playground.

And to all those of you who complained..
This is a hunt for free items. you will find some really great things and if one is not to your liking ..
STFU and suck it up sunshine this was free. 

For not teaching you basic decency or common courtesy.
Please people think before you speak.
We are all human and words can cut like Knives.

That's all I have to say for today.
 Thank you Fyre for all your lovely gifts.
Keep on keepin on.

And until next time.. Peace out


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