When Pigs hunt

 Good morning Bishes A few things today.

I finished not one . Not two, but THREE.  Yes THREE grid wide hunts over the weekend..
Now to sort..Le sigh..

Anyhoo Here is one that takes top prize in my book from the BDSM hunt.

A Pig Stye!! This gem is from Moon Song and wow just wow.
A wicked menu complete with snout blindfold & butt plug tail.
A great way to humiliate your submissive!!! Thank you Moon Song  I am sure I will get plenty of use from this gift!!
I also did the Pro posers Hunt I love this one as I am a total pose/animation whore I had gotten through most of the hunt when I came to # 29 expressions poses. This is what greeted me  as I rezzed..

Oh really.. Nice to meet you too Shop owner..My hackles go up , I shrug then continue to poke about when I notice the sign is clickable.. I get this note card. Titled  
Humm, OK. I read on ..

Alright, first reaction to the glaring sign was insult and anger.. Now I am just plain pissed. 
Let me fill you in on a little info dear shop owners..

First of all People will cheat yes.. Have I done so in the past 
But.. I do a lot of these hunts looking for items and new shops to blog about so sure I use my search.
When I have finished and looked through the Items If I find a nice quality gift. 
Or even have a pleasant experience with a shop /owner ( Thank you riri bazar from*eat me and heat me* poses) I will return or Send people to said shop..

So Thank you Cranky shop owner for totally turning me off of you and your shop* Smiles sweetly as she tosses the unopened gift in the trash*
  Hair worn is by Creatives  A 60l special for January!!
Go there buy hair, be cool like me :P


  1. What a tool! Using the cranky shop owner's definition, camming around would be cheating, no? And flying. And TP'ing. And using SL. I guess we're supposed to drive to his house and look around in his yard.


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