I'm sorry, sorry , sorry....
Eh, No ..I'm not.

All my life I have been apologizing. "I did something wrong?.. Sorry."
I perceive you are mad at me.." I'm sorry." Someone hurt your feelings?.." Well I'm sorry for that too"

It is automatic with me.. Apologize. make peace.. Keep everyone happy.. My Opti always told me over and over.. "Stop saying sorry!"..  Me.."OK Sorry!"
Ember Sighs.. " It really is hard when you try to hold everyone's world together. "
Well enough is enough . "I'm not sorry.. It is NOT my fault you feel this way."

I actually felt my own personal growth yesterday and had to share.
Thank you and have a great day.


  1. YAY BIG TIME FOR EMBER! Very proud of ya Petal.

  2. Hello Ember and congrats !

    Being abble to admit your mistakes and apologize is a great quality, but apologizing all the time is just a cheap way to have conflict.

    Only say "Sorry" when you really are because you realize by yourself that you have done something wrong, otherwise people will take advantage of your niceness and need to keep everyone happy, that's my two cents.

  3. Hey Renzo, welcome to my crazy lil blog.
    I realize now that I do say it to often, it's reflex. One of the many quirks that be Ember.
    I'm workin on it.


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