My second auction @ SAG.

Miyani Ichtama: All right! My three, front and center! 
That would be Ember (thank you, Ember), Jenny, kaila!
Miyani Ichtama: Everyone else, please clear the door.

Ember Adored: *mews*

Alwyn Keng: cute ember!

 Î±Ê‘αℌ (taru.crystal) looks at sisters getting ready for the auction, crossing her fingers for all of them..

Miyani Ichtama assumes her drill sgt. voice. "Ember, you will be headed onstage, center. Jenny, you're on the A frame to the right of the stage - closest to us. kaila, you're on the opposite A frame. Everyone got it?"

Ember Adored: Yessum!

Jenny Lewsey: yes Lady Miyani.

 Kaila Salyx: Yes Miss Miyani.

Miyani Ichtama throws open the cage doors, jumping back to give them room. "Move out!"
Miyani Ichtama giggles as they run. "This is my favorite part.

Kresten McBride starts to chant, "I don't know, but I've been told: Slave pussy worth a lotta gold!"
Canada Starbrook giggles, watching.
Kresten McBride: SOUND OFF!

Ember Adored does a twirl for the crowd.
Ember Adored waves happily, "Hello everyone!"

Miyani Ichtama quickly makes the rounds, checking the tightness of the chains holding Jenny and kaila to their frames.
With a reassuring pat on the thigh for one, and a warm smile for the other, she makes her way to the stage.
Miyani Ichtama sneaks up behind Ember, breathing in the scent of the girl's shampoo. Reaching forward, she grabs slim wrists and pulls them up, behind the lot's head, her foot kicking pretty ankles further apart.

Ember Adored squeaks as she's quickly and expertly bound, turning her head with an embarrassed grin she whispers, "Hi Lady M".

Miyani Ichtama smiles, releasing the girl's wrists and running her fingers through soft, dark hair. "Hi there, sweetheart."

Ember Adored purrs the instant her fingers begin to stroke at her hair, smiling dreamily out at the crowd,
"Full house today Ma'am" she murmurs.

Miyani Ichtama laughs, seeing signs of those butterflies Ember is so prone to. "Shh, love." She looks up to address the audience, one hand resting possessively on Ember's hip.
"Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being with us today!"

Ember Adored continues to smile as her eyes scan all the beautiful buyers.

Miyani Ichtama: If you haven't had the chance to look at the information cards for any of these pretties, there's a lot of good information there, not all of which I will be able to cover. You can get the full set by clicking the panel to my left, just here.

Miyani Ichtama: First up, I am pleased to offer the lovely Ember, just returned to us from a *very* successful contract.
Miyani Ichtama: A recommendation from her previous buyer is included in the contract, for those of you who may be curious.

Ember Adored dimples up as her ever ready smile widens .

Miyani Ichtama: This sweet, spirited sub is being offered to Masters and Mistresses for a one week contract! That's right, ladies, this time we get a crack at her too.

Ember Adored has the grace to blush at this point.

Miyani Ichtama smirks, one hand wrapping around the girl's waist, pulling her back. "It seems she's learned a little something about herself, since she's been here."
Miyani Ichtama traces lazy nails lightly over Ember's belly.

Ember Adored tips her head back to beam at the lovely Lady, her back arching under the touch of nails on her over warm flesh.

Miyani Ichtama: Now, this pretty girl is in EST, however, that doesn't make her unavailable to you European and British bidders. Her available times are from 6 am until 12 pm, SLT, as well as some evenings by negotiation.
Miyani Ichtama: She has years of experience in emoting, has served long term under two Masters, and is a remarkably quick learner.

Ember Adored's rumbling purrs resume as her belly is stroked.

Miyani Ichtama: Now, we here at SAG have a soft spot for this one, and so we are placing the following limits on her:
Miyani Ichtama: No scat (except enemas), no torture, and no gifting. Her buyer must keep her for themselves.
Miyani Ichtama: Before I open the bidding, are there any questions on this lot?
Ember Adored looks about at the group with now wide eyed interest.

Kresten McBride bites his lip and puts both hands under his legs.

Miyani Ichtama laughs. "I'll take that as a good, solid no.
It's not as though we can't see what kind of slave she is."
Miyani Ichtama: If that's the case, then, SAG would like to start the bidding on this lot at the bargain price of 5,000L. Do I hear 5k?

Kresten McBride meekly raises his hand. "She's a slave for auction?"

Gerritt: she comes well recommended

Ember Adored smiles out at Sir Gerritt.

Miyani Ichtama: She does indeed! Ladies and gentlemen, Gerritt here was the one who last bought Ember, and his recommendation was a glowing one.
Miyani Ichtama: Welcome back, it's good to see you. :)

Gerritt: nods and smiles.

Kawika Comet: *checks inventory for wet kitty food* "Check".

Ember Adored drops a wink to Sir Kawika.

Miyani Ichtama looks out over the audience, mild shock written on her face. "No takers at 5k, ladies and gentlemen? She's a bargain at three times that, I'm just in a very good mood."

Kawika Comet: 5K

Miyani Ichtama: Thank you, Kawika, 5k to you!

Ember Adored: Thank you Sir.

Draco (draco.dimanovic): 6

Miyani Ichtama: And 6 to Draco, thank you for your bid!

Ember Adored: Thank you Sir Draco.

Miyani Ichtama: Now, Draco's been coming here for a good, long time, and he knows a quality slave when he sees one.

Kawika Comet: 10K
Miyani Ichtama: But Kawika is not messing around, he's back in with 10k!

Draco (draco.dimanovic): 11
Ember Adored gasps" "Thank you Sir Kawika. And Sir Draco".

Miyani Ichtama lets her hand drift down from where it rests on Ember's belly, running her fingertips over the sensitive curve at the top of the girl's thigh.
"I can't blame you, gentlemen, for wanting to get her home quickly. 11k to Draco!"

Kawika Comet: 15K and a fresh ball of catnip.
(Laughing at this point at the ping pong)
Gerritt: She's catnip intolerant.

Kresten McBride claps his hands for Ember!

Gerritt: Gives her gas so always stand upwind.
(Yeah thanks there old man!)
Ember Adored jumps as the ladies hand shifts then settles back into the touch, her hips thrusting forward against her hand.

Draco (draco.dimanovic): 16.

 Miyani Ichtama laughs. "15k and a ball of catnip to Kawika, if Ember can't have it, I'm sure we can find another neko who will enjoy his generosity. ;)"

Ember Adored: Thank you Sir! Sir's!
Miyani Ichtama: And back to Draco with 16k. Thank you!
Miyani Ichtama: Do I hear 17k and a can of tuna, ladies and gentlemen?

Kresten McBride thinks he needs to start searching for more tuna.

Kawika Comet: 20K and a scratching post.
(Scratching post? Teehee)
Ember Adored begins to blush at the apparent bidding war and also the wet trail that begins to seep from her sex down her inner thigh.
Ember Adored: Thank you both. *she purrs to the Master's*
(By this point I have lost what little emoting skills I possess I think.. Pretty much Zoned out here)
Miyani Ichtama: And we're back to Kawika, a man who knows what he wants! 20k and a scratching post to you, thank you! I was thinking the cage needed decorating.

Ember Adored flexes her claws at the mere mention of using them.

Gerritt: Don't worry guys they're plastic... for show only.
(You only think that cause I didn't engrave my name in your belleh!)
Miyani Ichtama feels the heat rising from Ember's flesh, and a slow smile spreads over her face. Her fingers work their way downwards, running over slick wetness, and grinning, she raises them to the girl's lips, wiping the moisture there.

Kawika Comet: has no problem with towel-wrapping a feisty kitty and trimming her claws. *grin*
(Okay.. I like how this man thinks!)
Ember Adored groans softly, her pelvis trying desperately to follow Miyani's fingers then purrs with delight as her own scent is rubbed just under her nose. With a sly smile she runs her tongue lazily along her lips and whispers, "Thank you Ma'am".
(Alright maybe you can tell I have a girl crush on Lady M * BLUSH*)
Miyani Ichtama: The bid stands at 20k, gentlemen, and the kind addition of a scratching post. Do I hear 21?

Draco (draco.dimanovic): 23.
(WOAHHHH..Did I mention how sexy this man is? No? check his profile!!)
Ember Adored: Thank you Sir!

Miyani Ichtama: I guess I don't get to hear 21. :P 23k to Draco, thank you very much!
Miyani Ichtama pinches Ember's side with sharp nails. "I still want to hear 21."

Ember Adored shrieks as she twists in her bindings looking out with pleading eyes to the crowd.

Miyani Ichtama grins. "Ok, hearing that was actually better."
(Le it again!)
Miyani Ichtama: Are there any advances on 23k?! Let's be honest, ladies and gentlemen, for a girl like this, that's a far more than fair price. Twice that, would start to come close to what she's worth.

Kresten McBride cheers for the Ems!

Ember Adored's chest heaves as she tries to watch the Lady's fingers.

Kresten McBride: Well, she's made it well past the three times that you've mentioned!
Kawika Comet: 25K.
(I almost fell out my chair at this point)
Ember Adored's jaw drops as she stares at Sir Kawika. "Thank you Sir."

Miyani Ichtama: Thank you, Kawika, 25k to you!
Miyani Ichtama grins at Kresten. "Right. Like I said, 15k would be a bargain. Right now, we've almost achieved fair. :P"
Ember Adored gets slightly light headed as the butterflies dance in her belly, her nerves finally kicking in.

Miyani Ichtama pulls Ember back against her body, holding the girl up as she starts to falter. Of course, she can't pass up this opportunity to let her hands wander of the girl's smooth flesh, one running over the curves of her side as the other cups one firm breast.
Miyani Ichtama: Are we going to let Kawika walk away with such a prize, ladies and gentlemen, and at such a price? A girl like this is worth fighting for!

Ember Adored purrs softly as she molds her supply body against her auctioneers, her nipples stiffening under her caress. "Thank you Ma'am."
(Wipes her drool)
Draco (draco.dimanovic): Sir Kawika, enjoy her but please treat her well like the good kitty she is.
I bow out reluctantly.
(I hear these words from a big strapping Gorean man.. I literally shed tears.. Laugh all you want but I'm an emotional  lil thing)
Ember Adored blinks rapidly as she hears Sir Draco's words. "Thank you Sir, you are too kind."

Miyani Ichtama inclines her head to Draco. "A valiant effort, sir. As always, we thank you for your bids.
I do hope we can find you another good one."

Kawika Comet: Mahalo, Draco.
(This means Thank you.. Yes Sir , you learned me)
Miyani Ichtama surveys the crowd. "Is there another challenger, ladies and gentlemen, or has Kawika won the day? At least, with this lot. 25k, going once!"

Ember Adored scans the crowd with eyes misted with emotions.

Miyani Ichtama grins. "I'm not sure I can blame you, folks, Kawika has certainly shown his determination, and it takes a great man to best our Draco. 25k, going twice!"

Ember Adored flashes a grin to both Dominants in turn.

Miyani Ichtama beams at Kawika. "It looks as though you're going to be taking home quite a prize, my friend. Because unless there are any last minute changes of heart, I'm going to call this lot."

Ember Adored shifts from foot to foot as she scans the crowd, her teeth beginning to chew at her lips.

Miyani Ichtama: SOLD, to the very lucky Kawika, for 25,000L! Thank you for your bids, sir.

 Î±Ê‘αℌ (taru.crystal): Congratulations Sir Kawiak, sister Ember.

Ember Adored: Thank you Sir!

Kawika Comet: Mahalo, Miyani

Miyani Ichtama: You may pay me directly, and I will see to the delivery of your property.

Kresten McBride: Yay! Congratulations to the Ems!

Ember Adored beams.

Miyani Ichtama thumbs the quick-release tabs that hold the chains to Ember's cuffs, supporting the girl with her own weight, so that she doesn't fall. "All right, pretty, follow me!"

Miyani Ichtama: Your property, sir. Congratulations to you both, and I wish you the very best.

Ember Adored: Thank you Lady M.

Kawika Comet: Thank you.
(Oh no Sir, Thank YOU!)
Ember Adored smiles up at her new owner.

Miyani Ichtama bows and moves back to let the two get acquainted.

Draco (draco.dimanovic): sighs sadly.

Ember Adored: Your coffee Sir.
 (I had earlier whipped one out I had hidden in my tail for him)
Kawika Comet: Thank you.

Ember Adored: Thank you for your bids today Sir Draco.

Kawika Comet: Ember, stay at my feet while I enjoy the remainder of the auction.

Ember Adored: Yes Sir
So there it is folks my second auction at SAG. I had so much fun during the actual auction I had to share with you all. I am now into day 3 with Sir Kawika and having loads of fun. I am relaxed and calm because his #1 rule for me this week is NO STRESS... Goodness, how did he know I need to be told not to freak out :)

Anyway , thank you all for reading this LONG post and thank you Sir for taking me home and making me smile. Hopefully I will  be able to return the favor.


  1. aww how sad! you must be desperate to make yourself sold like a cow...

  2. Yes Really I am. No one wants me nor loves me.. Please treat me like dirt, how did you know I love insults.. Cheers to you too!../me raises her glass.

  3. Aww... I have never seen anyone pay that much for a cow... That must be grade-a prime choice beef right there :P

    I think they got a bargain, Em's great. Cow or not.

  4. To whomever you are--any comment like this only goes to show you didn't place a filter between your mouth and your brain-or check your facts--I was the first to purchase this girl--and although we have gone our separate paths I cherish her friendship and her feelings--SL is the place for us to experience our dreams and explore safely our possibilities--you small minded buffoon

  5. Anonymous,(yeah firgures) I don't quite understand what you mean. How can you make yourself to be sold?

  6. yes em is great.........and yes i am sexy

  7. rofl Draco-try not to break your arm patting yourself on the back dude :)

    And I did look Forceme--Em didn't have a single price tag anywhere on her--maybe that's what the buffoon meant?


  8. To the dude who did the first comment, stfu and go jump off a cliff. Kthnxbai

  9. <3 you guys really. thank you!

  10. you kick butt sissy <3
    Don't let anyone tell you any different!

  11. How lovely to hear that you're having such a merry old time!
    Really refreshing to read posts from a submissive who seems happy, bubbly, fun and enjoying herself. Pretty inspiring stuff (I used to be a submissive, you know on of them "feisty" "oh no stay away" ones... Your method seems much more fun! Might have to try it sometime.)
    Good for you! Hope you have a brillo time for the rest of your auctionness.


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