Shadow's Key Hunt.

So a while back I set this up yet in my laziness forgot to blog about it..  my bad.
What is this Key game you ask?
 Well you but a set of manacles from the sign at Bondage playground for 200L. Wear them , lock and hit the big white key for hints..
And we are on our way.. There are 8 coloured keys you need to find. When you see one, click it and it appears on the hud   ( See photo #2 )
 Follow the clues all across the sim to collect  the keys and once you have 3 you can start trying them..

But be forewarned.. Choose wrong and suffer the consequences..

 For each incorrect choice there is a punishment involved that will last anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

In the photo below you can see I made the wrong choice.

This punishment was tame. 

Why not stop by to Our favorite Playground and check this out.. 

Dominants.. are your subbies bored while you are offline? Want to publicly humiliate them? 
What better way than this??

And subs.. Recall the black hole quest? This reminds me of it..
Grab your friends and come try racing them to the finish!!

All in all I am glad I put this down on the sim. I have had plenty of positive feed back from players. 
Also a special thank you to Shadow Solo for her evil genius in creating this !!



  1. and what we win?

  2. Do you know of any other places in SL that use these cuffs? I love the idea (haven't tried it myself yet, though), but it seems doing it more won't be as fun once you know where all the keys are...


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