Alright , this post is way over due. This is my experience @ SAG.

I was for most of my time there, one cool cucumber. Then as my time drew nearer I found my nerves, second guessing  myself and the like. I even tried multiple times to pick the lock on the cage, much to the delight of the gathering crowd. Could I do this ? 
Could I serve another? "NOONOO!! Opti come rescue me from myself" I screamed inwardly.
Alas  my prayers went unheard and up onto the block I go.. 
My eyes scan over the packed house. Lord there is a lot of people here today.
I try to just breathe and focus on my auctioneer. 
Well that worked, I clicked into RP  mode and followed her lead becoming   the submissive kitten.

She started the bidding high. I was shocked then waited for anyone to bid.. Right away We hear the first one.. for 1 thousand over the starting price.. My jaw dropped.. Oh shit wow really? And well folks that was it , no one would touch the bid, guess they got worried or figured as I hadn't been declawed it was safer to wait on the next girl LOL either way I was SOLD to Gerritt Resident.
My time as his property began..

Well I had fun! He was very nice, never once did he push me having read my profile and asked some questions about it. He respected the fact that I was an emotional train wreck.
We clicked right away and I was relaxed enough to let the inner devil cat show through.. 
His favorite sayings refering to me are " Minx"  and " I keep forgetting the leash runs both ways!"
 Ha ha!! Thank you Gerritt for a fun time and for all you single subbies out there he is single and pretty awesome!!! Check him out!!


  1. And why didn't you snap him up hmmm? :P

  2. Cause there is only one man I wanna be owned by.

  3. I forgot to add Wench and one of his pet names for me ..HAHA!!


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