Coulda been the whiskey.

So I hosted my first event at the new club on Bondage Island.
It was our dear friend Gerritt's RL birthday. 
He deserves a big party! So I sent out the invites. Contest theme of Birthday suit with 1000L on the board.
Well Silly me. Most of our group members live in a different time zone.
Sooo, I keep me pocket money and we partied on in our own way.

As Pink is Gerritt's favorite colour we all tried to add a splash of it to our attire :D
Happy Birthday Old man.


  1. Great party it was too! Well done you XXX

  2. Normally I have no clue whatsoever what I did to warrant a friend like you munchkin--but thank you--it rocked-best birthday in my 4 years in SL--thank you and all who attended.


  3. Aww you two. was fun setting it up!!


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