Getting there.

OK..So for those of you that don't know me in world I have been helping my friend Keiser on his new SIM, Bondage Island.
 It has a club, shops beach area with pool.
A forest for RP that we are currently dotting with RLV traps and fun little places to play.
But my personal baby here is the theme rooms. There will be 5 ( so far).
I've even managed to finish one!!! 
 This is a photo of me in The Master's chamber.
It's decked out with all a perv could need for a good time.
I did OK I think.

On the go also is a classroom for school scenes.
A fully decked  Washroom /water sports room.( Thanks Shy)
A shibari room full of ropey goodness..( Haven't got equipment for this one yet.. anyone have?)
And well the last one is up in the air.. Ideas guys and gals??
A big thank you to Blitz and Reven for all their time and effort helping me <3


  1. How about Japanese shibari? Easy to do....easy to decorate too.

  2. Yepp that's on my list.. need textures and equipment yet though/

  3. Lord of Medicine12 April 2011 at 16:41

    Hmmm....I dunno, maybe a DOCTOR'S OFFICE!

  4. /me facepalms... Oh duh me.. that's why i wanted to build these things in the first place!!!

  5. I have a dangle-y rope thing that hangs from the ceiling. No need for prim avatar attachments - you just click sit and hang upside down from a leg. Don't think it was too expensive either.

    Can't remember where I got it but I'll check later when I'm done with the house of cum. <3!

  6. Baby, you'r a gem. Thanks for helping me out! Smoochies!


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