Oh Hai there!!

Long time no blog..
 I was just reminded that I hadn't of late and well , I've meant to but I don't seem to have the words to say what is going on at the moment.
 I will tell you briefly..

 I have a new Master. I'm still trying to figure out how submissive I am  in this relationship but he tolerates me  and my delightful attitude so that's a plus.
His name is Gerritt and you all might remember from a previous post that he had won me at my first auction.
( I will give him his own post after this one)
He is teaching me loads like..
 I'm learning to landscape.. It is crazy fun andd seems im pretty good at it. Yay me.

Also seems I have a pretty twisted imagination so I am coming up with all sorts of ideas of rlv thingys to build and sell on marketplace.

 I have been  building theme rooms for Keiser's SIM Bondage Island. Just need to tweak the classroom and we are good to go! This is what we got so far.
~Bathroom full of dev pose  perversions. Thanks to Shyloh Gravois.
~ Master's chambers. Thanks to  Reven Rosca of PRIME Furniture.
~ Shibari Room . Thanks to Gerritt.
~Classroom. Thanks AGAIN to Gerritt.
~ Dungen. I think most of us added pieces to this room!

 So yeah ,I have been pretty busy of late. 
Lots I plan to blog about Just need to set time aside for this .
Love you all..
Leg humps , Em.


  1. *can't help but palm the back of your head and push down.*
    Suck it all up!

    Heh. OK. Got that out of my system.


  2. Twisted but in a demented way and I was aware going in you weren't normal. Nothing easy is worth having.


  3. *feels the love oddly enough from both those replies <3*

  4. I can hardly bloody well complain when I knew exactly what I was buying -- as to the landscaping-you do indeed have talent babe.



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