As the month comes to a close

For those few who may be keeping track, this month (7/28 to be precise at 6:06pm Eastern--not that I'm tracking) marks our 3rd month together - for those who said it wouldn't last HA--and the wench has yet to get me to wear pink....

Summer's in full swing, so things have been slowing down--however over the last few weeks we have

1) Added 2 new outfits--(for those who became suddenly nervous Em made them I just stood and tried to look imposing)--do you hear the birds in harmony singing--BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY.....

2) Added a few new products to our *GEL* Products RLV Product Line (insert birds from previous paragraph)

3) ) Oh--and just for fun--since we did the math and now have 21 products on marketplace. Since that's more products than I have fingers and toes--we built a store (the birds again begin to chirp....)

But those things are just to pass a few pleasant moments together--and because we need to afford Ember's hair budget--the most important thing we're enjoying doing is sharing an in-game RP pregnancy (for those who want to split hairs--making the RP baby is what we shared--now I just sit back and yell out new numbers to adjust the munchkins' shape every day).... At this moment I'm opening up the pool regarding the birth date--I WILL warn you that since I'm tracking the spreadsheet if you bet against the brat and me you will lose....BTW we're now up to twins--anyone betting on triplets?

In Em's last post she came incredibly close to waxing somewhat sentimental about her feelings--and not to be outdone--but only because I didn't want to take away from her moment--I've waited til now to post any sort of formulated reply--

I believe that to "need" another person is to place an undo burden on that individual--but to want them in your life is a gift they offer. We spend nearly every day together as much as possible on voice--we build, we laugh, we explore, we share--and my life is better for having her as a part of it--thank you munchkin for all the joy that you bring me in turn. I have you in my life and I continue to want you as part of it.

Until our next posting we wish you all the same happiness (wait sorry that's likely too mushy for this hour-how about the same experiences) that we share as well.