Le sigh, I am soooo lazy these days. 
I haven't even felt like blogging. But I did promise one so here goes..
We met on my FL  birthday in March.
He followed me to SAG for moral support while I underwent my first slave auction.
Anyhoo, he by accident won me for 10 hours.
I stayed a week.
Once the week was up I removed his collar, keys were exchanged and  pleasantries.. 
"No sorry I am NOT ready to be owned by anyone!!"

I made him wait 2 months while I got my mental shit together ( yeah right!!) as well as I could . 
I marched over and yelled at him till he collared me. ( Yes I am that romantic)
I am glad I let myself finally open up to him. I was a bit of an emotional mess.
Hell I still am but he loves me for all of me, flaws n all.

I spend all my SL time with him in voice. while we travel and build random things together. 
He encourages me in everything I try to do , in world and in FL.
This man is my boyfriend , Master, father figure, sounding board and friend.
He also gets a giggle outa me when I try to top him from the bottom!
  Oh, he is also now my Partner.. I proposed.." So , you ever gonna partner me or what?"
Damn Ember so smooth. Worked though.. Too soon you think? 
Naw.. I know what I need in my life and His rock steady presence is a necessity in mine.

So yeah No mush here, just the facts..
Feel free friends to come visit us at Bondage Island.


  1. To all-the fact of the matter is that not word my munchkin wrote is an exaggeration....and everything that she typed echoes my own feelings--pet-you are my complement in everything we do-my love, my thoughts---the leash runs both ways pet,partner, friend.---Gerritt

  2. ...that should have been "not 1 word" was an exaggeration-blame old eyes-and lest it appear I'm descending into mush

    1) I did find that a gag doesn't work on voice (admittedly even if it did I wouldn't want it to in her case--she's too much fun)

    2) She's cute when she TRIES to top from the bottom--annoying but cute

    3) Technically she suggested partnering first (after I'd been considering it)--however I got to pay for the ring



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