/me snickers.

So I swore up and down I would NEVER get a tummy talker...
I lied.
I was cruising Marketplace and came upon one by a shop called Snickers.
It's an evil tummy talker. It says things like :..

~ Ember Adored shouts OMFG, it's octuplets!!! Gimme my welfare and book deal!!!
~ Your baby kicks the crap out of you. Again and again.
~Ember Adored knows having the spawn of Satan growing inside her is not a good thing.
~ Your baby shouts, "I am the god of hell fire!"

Ha ha  too funny!!  Get it here...Snickers


  1. I actually have one of those tummy talkers myself, I should go troll pregnant sl women with it. I always ask them, "WHY DOES YOUR PREGNANCY TALK"? "Hey if your stomach did that in real life, you'd fucking stab yourself"!


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